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Stronger Together

I love how much support can be found in the chronic illness community. We all have bad days, sure… but I have never felt so capable. Just because my burden is too heavy to carry alone, doesn’t mean I’m unable to help others.

In fact, I think we all can relate this: I picture it more like these shoulder-dollies. It’s hard to get a good grasp on our problems… it’s not that we aren’t strong, but maybe we were trying to lift a washer by ourselves, with just our arms. But we can only get so far like that. We ought to get help, so we can use our strength more strategically. Not only can two people lift and move this washer, but they can do all kinds of things by working in tandem— everyone gets what they need, and then some. Two people working together have strength comparable to three people working separately.

When we approach life with a “every man for themselves” mentality, or perhaps a more socially acceptable “I’ll help once I handle my own issues,” we may find that it’s never convenient to help others… because we are exhausted from carrying our burdens alone and wearing ourselves out. We must make the conscious choice to carry our burdens in tandem… and trust that those we are helping will help us when we need it.

Tab Moura

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