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Be all there

This was taken on my walk through the Rose Gardens the other night. In my heart, I wasn’t just in a tucked away garden in the middle of Tulsa… I was as excited as if I were exploring the Redwood Forest, or walking through meadows in Yellow Stone, or on a hike through the Appalachians.

Some of these places I have seen before, some I have not… I used say, “Someday when we can afford to go on adventures…” But I’m realizing how insignificant money truly is in the grand scheme of things. Money calls the shots so often… the only thing money cannot do is give me experiences. I could pay thousands to explore the world, and just be glued to my phone, or argue with my family.

I get to choose to be present, regardless of where I am… So this week, the Tulsa Rose Garden was the most magical place of all, because I was fully there.

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  • Pamela Dreyer


    What you have shared is beautiful. There is so much to explore wherever we are and whatever our circumstances. I am sitting on my porch, experiencing the lovely breeze, and listening to the trees shuffle. I hear five different birds singing there melodies.

    I look toward at all the houses and imagine all the stories behind those walls. There is someone riding their bike. Where is there destination? What is their life’s stories.

    There is a bumblebee crawling on the pavement. The colors and textures are amazing. The neighbors flowers are fully bloomed with vibrant orange, deep, royal red, and soft, gentle lavender. Each bloom, each stem, and each of their leaves are unique to one another. The amazement of variety and mystery fill our world. And nature gives us breath as our bodies slow and relax.

    Wherever we go, there is opportunites for relaxation, for excitement, for adventure!

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