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Indoor plants and Questions and Answers about The World

Today my girls let me know that our thumbs were turning brown, our outdoor trees and plants that we have watered ALL YEAR long were fading, and they were out of work now, and needed a new chore. Well, they didn’t say this is quite so many words ;). The skinny is that they were bored, I’m not gonna set them free with a watering hose when we’re heading into NOVEMBER… so we had to get creative.

A friend reminded me that we had some flower pots in my garage, painted by my oldest a year ago. This was genius. Indoor plants, why haven’t I thought of this until now!? (Probably because TODDLERS, but I have a peninsula now… so game on, Toddlers!)

We had these two pouches of flower seeds I bought on clearance, some potting soil in the garage, and disposable plates in the pantry.

I try to incorporate books where I can, because I want them to learn EARLY on that the sky is the limit. Books, Google, signs, etc… if you can read, you can learn, research and explore to your heart’s content.

So today we looked at the Questions and Answers about The World book. It has fun little flaps to lift, bright graphics and Q&As– you know, for that voracious reader who loves to learn. I opened to this page today and asked my girls, “Do all plants have flowers?” and it was such a fun little discussion. My 5 year old only changed her decision a dozen times… so I’d say the book wins this round.

Book 1; 5yo 0

If you’re interested in this book, click here to see more! Or a book with EVEN MORE info about Nature, click here!

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