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Beginner Computer Use: Lift-the-flap Computers and Coding

6 Years ago I fell head over heals for a guy who loves computers, and it’s all been gibberish ever since!– That is, until it came time to try and explain, to my girls, what their daddy does for a living.

My husband is a Software Developer, he is one of the lucky ones who gets paid to do something he loves. And when he comes home from work, where he’s looked at 1s and 0s all day… he looks at more 1s and 0s, because he also owns his own company where he develops software. You can imagine, this is a hard job for our kids to tell their friends about. “My dad sit on his laptop all of the time.” *cringe* In fact, he develops fantastic systems for large companies to utilize and organize important information. #proudwife

But we also faced the natural obstacle of taking CARE of our electronic devices. As noob parents, we gave our 3 year old a tablet, without a protective case, to watch cartoons on. Of course we told her not to be rough with it… but not listening very well is in her job description! THAT day she got to see the motherboard, circuit boards, the fan, etc… yeah, it was split in two. #educational for all of us… *face palm*

(I was chatting with a friend when my daughter brought it to me like this…)

So when I began buying Usborne books, I went ahead and bought a couple of their books on how computers work, AND how coding works. Two birds, one stone. I believe there are other great book resources out there… which honestly I think is genius, because they must first show us they can be gentle with the book, right? $15 vs $200.

As a rule, I highly recommend finding books for kids to better understand the work their parents do. There are some careers that are a little more obscure in the book world, but if it helps them admire your time away from them, while also helping them imagine their own options for a future career, I say it’s a wise investment.

And of course, if you want more info about helping kids learn about computers, beyond their hours upon hours on Youtube, I cannot recommend these books enough.

Tab Moura

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