Coming soon I will be including a few guest bloggers in the mix!


If you are potentially interested in guest blogging, here’s what I’m looking for!

1. Lovely Resilience blog is looking for voices of hope. People who stand toe to toe with life and make the often hard choice to choose hope.

2. Your message is all your own, but I will make these requests. I do not use this blog site as a political platform, nor do I use it for a religious platform. I am using this website as a means of getting my foot in the door to empower others to choose hope.

•What I allow: how spirituality, or something political, directly affected you in your story of struggle and overcoming.

Example: (yes) share how yoga helps you center vs (no) everyone should do Yoga.

•I expect you to write around 500-800 words of honest, respectful, resilient content… so that means you can expect me to preview your writing, do light editing and possibly ask you a few questions if necessary.

What YOU can expect:

3. I will preview all submissions for content guidelines and light editing.

4. As I mentioned above, I may need to ask you questions about your article, or it’s direction. I may also want to ask you about a follow up article.

5 I will email or text you a link of your article once it is published.

6. I will share your publication on my personal and professional Facebook pages.

Contact me today to discuss participating as a guest blogger!


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