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Brief and Real

I have tried to write this update for weeks now.

Holy crap, guys.

Where do I begin? It’s been a tsunami, avalanche, hurricane of life since my last update… and God has been good.

So good.

Since my last update we have gone from unemployed, to my husband working 60+hrs a week. We have gone through a rollercoaster of diagnostics with my husband’s hearing, from tumor, to hospital admission, to neurological hearing loss, to “Hey, guys, we were way wrong. It’s only a FUNGUS growing in his ear.” Then there is the heart monitor I wore for over two weeks (would have been 4, except there is an issue with insurance,) and also the Tilt Test I took to see how my medications are doing to treat my syncope (I passed, which means I am getting closer to my goals). I also have a pending referral to see a rheumatologist, because I have long term, widespread joint pain that needs to be addressed, and my doctor gave me that referral without blinking, hallelujah! My kids have all been sick twice this month, from sinus infections, to pink eye… and I have been able to treat them at home!

While it’s been insane, littered with a bit of chaos… and true to my living project, it’s been yet another stretch of my resilience. I was fortunate that when I asked for help, my loved ones were there to help me at just the right times. We were not made to be islands unto ourselves… it’s not impossible, but you might get tired of living off of fish and coconuts. (But I digress)

This is a great moment to remind my readers that grinning and bearing it is not resilience. We don’t get extra points for pushing ourselves to the brink of dying, out of arrogance. Take care of yourselves while persevering.

My brain fog over these last few weeks has prevented me from completing a few articles, so stay tuned… I have a few good topics coming your way, I’m just waiting for the sun to come out again.

We are the lovely resilients;

Have a wonderful day

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