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Mountains, not the hills

This week has been a firm reminder that at any given moment, there are many mountains out there waiting for me… not just the one I am on. Some would call this a “buzz kill” of sorts, but i disagree. As I sit here, massaging my leg that spontaneously fell asleep, while my low blood pressure limits simple activities (like standing for conversations), I have plans to visit the East Coast to see museums and historical monuments. I have plans to hike the Redwood Forest and Grand Canyon, places I haven’t been since I was a kid. Those are mountains I can only get to if I am fully dedicated to the mountain I am on right now. I will reach the summit, and I will celebrate… and then I will descend and pick my next mountain.

Lovely Resilience is my project dedicated to finding the beauty in the messy, awfully hard, challenging times in life, and I’m sharing my journey publicly to invite you along for the journey.

Take a moment, name your current mountain– not the “It’s a little hard” hills… name the mountain, and name one thing about that process that is lovely in it’s own way.

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