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While We Wait

We have our first guest blogger today, and it’s none other than my amazing mom, Tomya Peters. She is inspires me; from public speaker, children’s and women’s curriculum writer, to long time Christian blogger. She is now a two-time published-author, and so much more! She raised and home schooled 5 children. With over 30 years in ministry, alongside my dad, she knows resilience, dedication, partnership, and long-suffering. I’m honored to be her daughter, and excited to share her words with you.

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While We Wait

We had spent five-and-a-half years on the mission field in Australia, and it was time to come home. We moved out of our rental house and purchased a tent; the plan was to spend a week in the outback, serving a community. Within a few weeks we would be somewhere on American soil. No job, no car and no house. I stood there, looking at my tent when it hit me; I realised I was homeless. Where would we fly to without a home? Who would pick us up? How would we live? I stood there looking at our two room tent and that was the only home I had.

I bet you are wondering how things worked out for us. Before I tell you, lets go back a few years. We made the decision to go to a school that trains preachers and missionaries. To do this, you cannot have a job while attending, because of the strenuous educational workload. We needed to raise $800 a month for support, and sell our house. We were struggling to get the funds and felt uncertainty while making the decision to go.

Now, while you’re pondering these two outcomes I have one more story. Travel back with me a few years earlier in my marriage. We excitedly discovered we were expecting our first child. Early on we had a routine ultrasound. When we reached our fifth month, my doctor had me in for an anatomy scan. He was quiet and reserved. As I was leaving he scheduled another appointment at the hospital for a third ultrasound. “We need a closer look”, he said. The next day as the technician finished she said, “Wait here and your Doctor will be in to see you soon.” I was thinking, “maybe twins”?

Don’t you hate stories that leave you hanging? We are all about getting to the punch line. We want the answers and solutions to our life right now, or before we make a decision to do anything.

If we knew the ending up-front we wouldn’t wonder anymore about what was going on. What we’re missing is understanding, knowledge and wisdom. The understanding of pain, hurt, joyful triumph and redemption.  The knowledge of who you are and your strength. The wisdom of God to be more than what you ever thought possible.

What if I had told you we weren’t having twins, but that we actually learned our baby’s life would be cut short? Or how the funds for school came in, and the house sold? Or that we found a great church home in Lumberton, TX upon returning from the mission field, where we spent the next 5 years? If I jumped to the end, what would you remember?  What lessons would you learn? It is in the waiting where the miracles happen. It is in the waiting where we learn to trust. It is when we let go and give it to God we stop and notice the little bits of handiwork sprinkled all through our lives.

Many years ago I put my Lord on in baptism, and I wasn’t told the rest of the story. I have no clue how long I will live on this earth. That’s ok, because I’ve learned to live in the now. I have peace in the storms. I have more love and heart for others, because of waiting with God through the pain of loss. I know this world is not my home, whether I’m in a tent, or a mansion on a hilltop; He will always provide for me more than the flowers, or birds of the air.

God is with us in the victories and the losses. He moves the stones in the impossible moments. He holds His children when the bottom has fallen out. Its in the unknown time of waiting that He does his best stuff. So while you wait, look for the  miraculous things only He can do.

(Tomya/Mom with two of my girls.)

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