About Me

This project is a glimpse into my Everest trek, my Mona Lisa, my The Road Not Taken. My prayer is that in word and in deed, I will radiate light and hope. Lovely Resilience is the accumulation of a lot of things, but it’s primary purpose is to be obedient to my calling. Not every step of the journey will be fun, not every step will feel successful, but every step is part of a lifetime of choosing hope. Pull up a seat, I’ll make you some coffee (or tea), let’s talk about the journey.

Who I am. Hmm… who am I? I can be literal, I am a woman, wife, mother, artist, writer, domestic goddess, chronic illness Warrior and advocate. On a deeper level (the ones that matter, in my book) I am a seeker, always have been. I am a knower: of things taught, of things long lost… my pursuit is wisdom. My pursuit is peace and connectivity. We are on the same team, I stand for you. I have many of my own beliefs and convictions, but some of those convictions include honoring all life to the best of my current ability. You and your beliefs matter to me.

So while you will see me speak of my own beliefs, I am eager to hear your beliefs as well– but in the spirit of community, never rightness. I don’t have room for “right fighting” in my life, so leave it at the door. We’re here to choose hope, filter your thoughts through this principle.